Executive Committee

WK Price (President); CT Brown (President Elect), BJ Andrews (Immediate Past President),

A Disley(Treasurer), R Hendicott (Golf Development Committee), SM Jones (Championship and Rules Committee), IEM Hughes (SSS & Handicapping) and GJ Isaac (Golf Course) & AB Morgan (European Golf Association).

Championship and Rules Committee

SM Jones (Chairman), LC Austin, CT Brown, DF Baker, DJ Davies, EW Lloyd, WK Price.

Golf Course Committee

GJ Isaac (Chairman), RF McQuilliam (Vice Chairman),  MH Cole, JR Jones, M Price Co-opted JV Dinsdale (Newport GC)  & P McAteer (Nefyn & District).

Teams and Performance Committee

A Disley (Chairman), Dr PH Dixon (Vice Chairman), LG Blease, AM Ingram, JR Parry, A Prytherch, DB Rees., Co-opted JL Toye

SSS & Handicapping Committee

IEM Hughes (Chairman), P Austerberry (Vice Chairman), BJ Andrews, EG Howells, N Niblett, R Richards.

Development & Communications Committee

R Hendicott (Chairman), AB Morgan, J McGlyne S Roberts. Co-opted JB Carlyle.

Welsh Golfing Union Representatives on other Committees

Council of National Golf Unions - P Austerberry, IEM Hughes.

STRI - R Dixon

GTC - MH Cole

Welsh Schools Association - S Roberts

Welsh Sports Association - R Hendicott

GB & I Selector - A Disley Mens, Dr PH Dixon Boys

European Golf Association - AB Morgan, R Dixon.

Dated 11 March 2004