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  The Merit Award Scheme has been replaced with

The Junior Golf Passport

 The Merit Award scheme has now been revamped and re-titled The Junior Golf Passport.

It remains a structured coaching and monitoring system designed by the Golf Foundation in conjunction with the PGA.

 What is it?

The Junior Golf Passport is a comprehensive, progressive, structured programme designed to help young people learn about playing the game of golf. The programme encourages and motivates beginners through the achievement of attainment targets combined with rewards and the most important element – FUN!

It has been designed so that:

·        It can be implemented almost anywhere

·        Its flexibility allows PGA Professionals and volunteers to use creative and innovative teaching methods

·        It makes it possible to create strong, sustainable school-club links

·        The children have a great time as they are learning

     The passport provides each child with a record of achievement as they develop their skills and knowledge.

 How does it work?

 The programme covers the five core elements of the game: Putting, Short Game, Long Game, Playing and the Golfers Code.  For each of these modules there are a series of targets that get progressively more challenging.  The targets are grouped into six levels:

 A)      Level 1 – Tri-Golf

The Tri-Golf level is for young children using the Tri-Golf equipment and resources. The children can be assessed as they take part in the games and activities.

 B)      Levels 2 & 3 – Start-Golf

 This section relates to an introduction to basic coaching for young people beginning the scheme at this level.  Also, those who have completed the Tri-Golf section should be ready to make the transition to coaching using conventional golf equipment. 

C)      Levels 4, 5 & 6 – Play-Golf

This section contains targets that relate to the experience of playing on a golf course. The aim is to enable the young player to play on a course independently having developed an understanding of the fundamental skills and traditions of the game. 

Whilst the aim is to progress through the levels, an individual’s progress in any of the core elements need not be held back. For example, if a child is a particularly good putter he/she could progress through the putting module and could be rewarded using the stickers.  However, he/she would not receive a certificate until all of the targets for a particular level had been completed.

On completion of ALL levels a player will have completed his/her Junior Golf Passport.

Who can operate the Junior Golf Passport?

The Junior Golf Passport has been designed so that a number of individuals can assist with its implementation within a junior development programme.  The ideal scenario places the PGA Professional at the heart of the delivery acting as a ‘head coach’ and working closely with teachers in the local schools and trained volunteer leaders. 

·        Tri-Golf Activators are able to take young children the Tri-Golf level

·        Junior Golf Leaders can supervise young beginners through both the Tri-Golf and Start Golf levels

·        PGA Level 1 or Level 2 coaches can deliver all levels

·        PGA Golf Professionals can deliver all level

Whilst it is the PGA Professionals that take youngsters through the Play-Golf levels, teachers and volunteers can help with the assessments.

The structure of the programme makes it possible to create strong and sustainable links between the teachers, volunteers and PGA Professionals, thus making it possible for many more youngsters to experience the game.

What are the benefits?

The Junior Golf Passport offers many benefits:

·        The children enjoy the challenges

·        PGA Professionals can use it to assist with their outreach programme

·        Teachers and volunteers can work closely with the PGA Professional

·        The involvement of teachers and volunteers increases the opportunities for youngsters

·        Young beginners are given a comprehensive introduction to golf

·        The passports provide advice and tips

·        Completion of the passport will help youngsters in junior membership at a golf club

How do I get involved?

Registration is only available to PGA Professionals or organisations such as schools, leisure centres or golf facilities.  When registering, those who are not a PGA Professional must indicate with which organisation they work and it is that organisation that will considered to be the registered user.

The annual registration fee is £15.00, Facilities that are registered with the Golf Foundation as Dunlop Starter Centres or schools that are registered for funding through the Schools Coaching Programme will not be required to pay a Junior Golf Passport registration – they will automatically become registered users when they pay their normal annual registration fee.

Once registered a Starter Pack will be sent which contains 20 passports, 30 certificates, 3 sticker sheets and an organiser’s manual.  Additional resources can be ordered using the standard order form which is available from the Golf Foundation’s HQ.  There is a small charge for additional resources to help cover the cost of production and administration.  Phone and fax orders will also be accepted and invoices will be sent for the amount ordered.

For a registration form telephone: 01920 876200

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The Golf Foundation, Foundation House
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Tel:  01920 876200    Fax:  01920 876211



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